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Darrin Cook

Technology Director

A visionary and avid lover of technology, Darrin Cook is all about transforming visions and turning them into reality using website development and graphic design. As the 27 year old Creative Director of one of the fastest growing design agencies "My Mogul Media" in the United States. Darrin interacts with brands, musicians, and artists to help construct and execute strategies that will be viewed by a wide array of audiences. Clients describe him as a "Strategic Maven that is known for developing cutting-edge tactical plans that are outside of the box". 

When Darrin is not taking the design and creative world by storm, be enjoys volunteering in his community, and mentoring risk youth, as well as assisting the elderly. 

Darrin is a published author, and his book, "The Weight of New Orleans" is available for  purchase via Amazon. He is a very proud Native New Orleanian and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more about Darrin, please visit the websites below.

Anyea Anderson


Licensed Therapist

Anyea is a licensed social worker in the state of Georgia, who provides psychotherapy with a Masters Degree in Social Work. Her specialty is in Mental Health. She has 10 years working experiences in the clinical environment with individuals, couples, children, adolescents, entrepreneurs, and families. She maintains a private practice in the Atlanta Metro area servicing adults for individual therapy and group counseling. She provides therapy for men and women of every race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

She has a passion and expertise for working with individuals and entrepreneurs that are struggling with depression, anxiety, life transitions, substance abuse, and anger management. When working with individuals, she has a non-bias approach and works with them to learn coping skills to help them manage dealing with their emotions in their day to day life. She incorporates different exercises and array of therapeutic approaches for her clients to achieve mental and emotional wellness.

Marsheia Smith

Marsheia Smith professional photo.jpg

Board Member

Marsheia Smith has over 15 years in Construction Management and Civil Engineering experience starting her career with working on million dollar projects such as Tyler Perry Studios, Ashton Brown Mill Senior Living Facility, and Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Atlanta. She also has 11 years background and experience in Capital Programing, Project Management, Program Management, Federal Contract and Grants, and Contract Management. Majority of hercareerhas been dedicated to the development of communities within the Atlanta area and serving the communities through implementing projects and programs for the major transit systems in Atlanta including Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), City of Atlanta Airport Capital Program (ATL NEXT), and Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). She has worked on multi-million dollar projects throughout her career. Her experience has allowed her to know much about programming, and managing projects throughout Georgia.  She has worked in capacities where I fostered capital programs and projects that directly help the Atlanta communities, and maintain all local, and federal compliances and codes. 

Randy Powell


Board Member

Expert Biologist, Professional Educator, and International Professional Athlete. He has eight years of stock trading experience and fourteen years of business management experience. Powell is a certified behavioral management coach and highly efficient in the course of fluid life skills.

Tiffanie M. Cooper


Board Member

Tiffanie Cooper is a single mother and a native of Decatur, GA.  She is not an Ivy League woman with a MBA.  However, she is a woman of virtue with an attitude and aptitude for business and people.  She is a survivor of Uterine Cancer since 2014.  Since then Tiffanie has been dedicated to serving people in need.  She worked with DeKalb County School System for many years before becoming an entrepreneur.  Her business ventures have ranged from Resume writing, Retail clothing store, WIC/Convenience store and currently Credit Restoration. She is employed as a Care Coordinator and Surgical observer at Emory Healthcare and a community volunteer in metro Atlanta.   She uses her fun, energetic and thoughtful habits to inspire everyone she comes in contact with. She provides a wide range of knowledge in several different areas of Life , Education and Business.  Her constant smile is always contagious. She meets no stranger.  She desires to continue helping others in every way possible.

“If I can change the life of one individual that can possibly change the life of another then I have successfully done my job” 

Sierra Blackmon


Jr. Outreach Director

Sierra Blackmon, Jr. Outreach Director, has always had a passion for helping others. She is a Certified Pharmacy Technician, an Air Force veteran, and current mechanical engineer student, giving her years of customer service and hospitality experience. Outside of Investors Academy Inc., Sierra helps the homeless and contributes to the youth program at her church. "I've always known in my heart I wanted to help people, specifically the youth. We have to help build up next generation that will succeed us."

John L Mckenzie Jr.,Veteran


Board Member

John L Mckenzie Jr, Board Member: Mr Mckenzie has served as a Youth Advocate and Mentor for Underprivileged Youths for over 30 years. He started his journey by coaching little league football and baseball at the Boys Club, working with kids ages 13-18. Mr Mckenzie had 4 boys that were very active into sports, his home were like a safe haven for many of the neighborhood kids. He were always counseling the kids about the importance of doing well in school. A few of the kids that might have struggled in their academics, He would meet with their parents, a lot of them were from Singe Parent Households. Meaning, In most cases it was their mother, along with their kid/kids. He would let the parent know that he was 100% committed to working with their child both Academically and Athletically. When the kids reached High School he had meetings with their coaches, letting them know that he was 100% committed to helping the kids that he was involved with get into college. At times when things got rough for any of the kids. Mr Mckenzie would call a meeting with the parent, student, coach and himself to seek tutoring for the kid. He would counsel the parent and student about the process of getting the kid into college. Meaning, Mr Mckenzie would help establish ACT and SAT tutoring for the kids. He would also arrange and take the kids to sports camps over the summer. A lot of them really established themselves in the eyesight of many of the college coaches. Mr Mckenzie would always be available with the parent and their child when meeting with college coaches. To make sure that the parent and child understood the terminology of what each coach was explaining to them. Mr Mckenzie has completed this process many times over with many kids in the community. Even on several occasions Mr Mckenzie has allowed many kids to live with him and his family, to provide sound living arrangements. Sometimes because of unforeseen circumstances where a kid’s mother may work long hours. And to keep the child from being left along for long periods of times, arrangements would be made that they would reside with me and my family. Especially if the played ball with his sons. This Passion is one that Mr McKenzie refuses to relinquish. As long as he’s able of being an assistance to any of the past and future kids in his community. Last but not least, Mr Mckenzie youngest sons had a college teammate that tragically lost his only surviving parent in 2011. Mr Mckenzie adopted him into his family. Mr Mckenzie were so terribly moved by that circumstance. He recalled, losing his father at the age of ten. He vows to everyone that knows him that, his own tragedy in life has fueled him to do what he does for those in need and are hurting.

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